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The Top 3 Medical Cannabis Treatments You Should Know About

This article will serve as a brief introduction to the benefits that are derived from medical-grade cannabis. Also, we will describe the treatments that are being implemented in combination with medical-grade cannabis oil.  

Medical grade cannabis and cannabis oil are now being used in the treatment and management of a wide spectrum of medical conditions and diseases. The medical applications generally fall under three categories:

  • pain management
  • effective treatment of various movement disorders
  • mental health care management 

Medical Grade Cannabis Oil Applications in Australia

Since the introduction of medical cannabis oil in Australia, a growing number of healthcare professionals have been prescribing it to manage chronic pain and to deliver immediate relief among individuals suffering from movement disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease. According to research, there is sufficient evidence that supports medical-grade cannabis having therapeutic benefits for certain medical conditions or diseases. 

  •   One promising application for medical-grade cannabis is its fast and effective pain relief when used as a topical agent. Cannabidiol or CBD, the main component of cannabis that is found to have therapeutic effects on the body, delivers fast relief without inhibiting the wound healing process among its users. It is now considered a safer, more effective replacement for opioid analgesics, which can cause dependency, overdose and death among chronic users.
  •   The increasing popularity of medical-grade cannabis in Australia is due to its efficacy and efficiency in treating symptoms associated with a variety of movement disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease, epilepsy, dystonia, spasticity, and Dravet syndrome. The use of medical cannabis oil among patients with movement disorders does not treat the medical condition itself but alleviates the symptoms instead. By reducing the spasticity episodes, patients can perform normal activities despite their condition. 
  •     The least developed application of medical cannabis use is its efficacy in the treatment and management of conditions such as anxiety, dementia, psychoses, post-traumatic stress disorder, and schizophrenia. It is also being used to manage symptoms related to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Tourette’s Syndrome, and anorexia nervosa among many others. Research reveals that cannabidiol found in cannabis oil significantly reduces anxiety and depression.

Other applications of medical-grade cannabis oil:

–    Relieves cancer-related symptoms

–    Arthritis pain management

–    Neuroprotective properties beneficial among individuals diagnosed with multiple sclerosis

–    May lower blood pressure and reduce risk of heart attack and metabolic syndrome

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