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Key Benefits of Medical Cannabis Legalisation in Australia

Amendments to the federal Narcotics Drug Act 1967 paved the way to the decriminalisation of medical cannabis in certain Australian territories.

Medical cannabis is now readily available to patients upon prescription. Allowing the use of cannabis for medical purposes means that the Australian government recognises the therapeutic value that cannabis can offer in the treatment of common medical conditions or diseases.

The Medical Cannabis Industry in Australia

The legalisation of medical cannabis in Australia inspired the creation of the Medical Cannabis Industry of Australia or MCIA, an organisation which aims to introduce medical cannabis cultivated in Australia to both local and foreign markets. The legalisation of medical cannabis products such as CBD oil resulted in the awareness of the population about its many benefits.

The MCIA is focused not only on helping medical cannabis entrepreneurs grow their businesses, but also on the health of the general population. The MCIA will also create a sustainable and profitable long-term medical cannabis industry.

Medical Cannabis Uses

The positive shift in the attitude of Australians towards Medical Cannabis has led to the development of more effective treatment protocols that successfully address the most common complaints of patients suffering from various medical conditions or diseases.

  • Effective pain management prescription for patients suffering from neuropathic pain, multiple sclerosis, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, and terminal illnesses, such as late-stage cancers
  • Fast management among epilepsy patients who do not respond to traditional medications and treatment protocols
  • Mood enhancing effects on patients diagnosed with sleeping disorders, depression, and anxiety attacks
  • Medical cannabis oil has been proven to have positive effects among Alzheimer’s patients through the slow degeneration of neural pathways

Medical Cannabis BENEFITS

  • As medical cannabis products are extracted from the marijuana plant, they are considered safer than synthetic prescription medications
  • Regular use of medical-grade cannabis does not result in addiction. The CBD component in medical cannabis does not cause dependence in its patients
  • Medical cannabis comes in a wide variety of products, such as CBD oils, topical ointments, edibles, and non-smoking applications. Patients can choose which is most effective in providing them relief over time

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