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Most Common Indications for Medical Cannabis Treatment in Australia

Access to medical-grade cannabis is legal for patients with a current prescription approved by the Australian government. There are several types of medical cannabis available although access and purchase are tightly regulated as research into the efficacy and safety of medical cannabis in the treatment of medical conditions and ailments are still ongoing. 

Medical-Grade Cannabis in Australia

Under Australian law, medical-grade cannabis oil and other medical-grade cannabis products shall only be available to individuals who have valid and verified prescription from doctors who are licensed and registered with both State and Federal levels of Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

If you are planning to try out medical-grade cannabis oil and other medical cannabis products, it is imperative that you schedule a visit to an authorised doctor, so he or she can give you the right type of medical cannabis treatment at the right dosage and frequency. 

Before visiting a doctor, prepare all documentation and paperwork that supports your claims that medical cannabis treatment might be the right treatment option for your medical condition or ailment. 

It is also recommended to supply your doctor with information that will help them in providing you with a prescription for medical cannabis with the right dose, delivery method, and frequency appropriate for your condition. 

What are the most common indications for medical-grade cannabis oil in Australia?

The study of medical-grade cannabis oil reveals the following benefits in treating medical conditions:

– Chronic pain management

– Neuropathic or nerve pain such as in the case of Multiple Sclerosis

– Cancer pain management

– Cancer treatment symptoms management

– Enhancing appetite among individuals suffering from HIV/AIDS

– The effective treatment plan in treating complex motor disorders such as dystonia, Dravet Syndrome, and epilepsy.

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