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Frequently asked questions

While it has been used around the world for centuries, medical cannabis has only recently been approved as a commercial product. As such, there is a degree of confusion and some misinformation about its use.

The following are some common questions from our clients and other interested parties:

What is medical cannabis?

The term ‘medicinal cannabis products’ covers a range of approved, quality assured cannabis preparations intended for human therapeutic use, including pharmaceutical cannabis preparations such as tablets, oils, tinctures and other extracts.

While recreational cannabis is generally smoked or ingested orally in its original form, pharmaceutical preparations of cannabis contain specific active components in known amounts and mixtures. This optimises therapeutic benefits and side effects. The dose and strength of the components of medical cannabis can be controlled and standardised, making it safer for patients to use.

In Australia and many other countries, access to medical cannabis products is only possible with the help of an approved provider. Those wishing to use the substance must first contact their GP.

How is medical cannabis different to other cannabis?

The marijuana plant is comprised of over 100 chemicals, known as cannabinoids, with each of these having different effects on your body. Medical marijuana / medical cannabis controls the presence and amounts of cannabinoids and specifically reduces the amount of what’s known as THC, which is found to produce a ‘high’ or ‘euphoric’ effect.

Where is Medical Cannabis Australia based?

Due to current regulations, we cannot share our exact location. However, we can share that our cultivating premises are located in central NSW and our manufacturing facility is situated in greater Sydney.

Who does Medical Cannabis Australia sell to?

As a medical marijuana wholesaler, our products are shipped around the globe. The countries we sell to include Australia, Germany. We work with licensed retailers and adhere strictly to industry regulations.

Are MCA products available to the public?

We are a wholesale business and are restricted in who we can sell to. Our products are not available for purchase by the general public. To find out more about acquiring medical cannabis as a consumer, please contact your GP.

I am a doctor, how do i prescribe medical cannabis?

To prescribe medicinal cannabis for a group of patients with the same condition, a medical practitioner can apply to become an Authorised Prescriber through the Authorised Prescribers Scheme (APS).

When a medical practitioner becomes an Authorised Prescriber, this means they do not need to notify the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) each time they prescribe the cannabis product, but instead must report to the TGA the number of patients treated every 6 months.

The medical practitioner must also seek endorsement for their application from an ethics committee who will assess not only the safety of the cannabis product for the condition, but also the suitability of the medical practitioner.

As stated on the TGA website, it is not possible to find out who is an Authorised Prescriber due to privacy reasons. More detailed information on how to become an authorised prescriber can be found here:

I am a patient, how do i access medical cannabis?

​In order to access medical cannabis, you must first make an appointment with your local GP or one of the many specialist Medical Cannabis Clinics located around Australia.

If your GP is not already an Authorised Prescriber, they will need to apply through the Authorised Prescribers Scheme (APS).  More detailed information can be found here:

How can I be approved for a Medical Cannabis trial?

If you are suffering from one of the following:

  • Chronic pain
  • Nausea
  • Epilepsy
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer

You may find medical cannabis to be effective in relieving your symptoms and discomfort. Speak with your GP about the possibility of accessing controlled doses of this product.