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The Top 3 Medical Cannabis Treatment You Should Know About

This article will serve as a brief introduction to the benefits that are derived from medical-grade cannabis. Also, we will enumerate the treatments that are being implemented in combination with medical-grade cannabis oil.   Medical grade cannabis and cannabis oil are now being used in the treatment and management of a wide spectrum of medical conditions and treatments. The medical applications generally fall under three categories namely, pain management, effective treatment of various movement disorders, and mental health care management.  Medical Grade Cannabis Oil Applications in Australia Since the introduction of medical cannabis oil in Australia, a growing number of healthcare…

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The 3 Most Important Cannabis Medical Uses You Should Know

A growing number of Australians are now utilising medical cannabis in the treatment and management of chronic medical conditions and ailments. The increase of medical cannabis scripts that are now approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) further boosted public interest to medicate with cannabis, too! You may be wondering when it is safe and effective to use cannabis. If you are, here are the top indications of medical cannabis as recommended by physicians:   Treatment of Chronic Pain The therapeutic effect of cannabis comes from almost 100 bioactive molecules called cannabinoid- a group of natural chemicals that adhere to…

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The Key Benefits of Medical Cannabis Legalisation in Australia

Amendments to the federal Narcotics Drug Act 1967 paved the way to the decriminalization of medical cannabis in certain Australian territories. Medical cannabis is now readily available to patients upon prescription. Allowing the use of cannabis for medical purposes means that the Australian government recognises the therapeutic value that cannabis can offer in the treatment of common medical conditions to management of serious diseases. The Medical Cannabis Industry in Australia The legalization of medical cannabis in Australia inspired the creation of the Medical Cannabis Industry of Australia or MCIA, an organisation which aims to introduce medical cannabis cultivated in Australia…

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